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Here I include responses to questions I often get, solutions to problems we encounter in class, color inspirations from my travels, and whatever weaving topic comes to mind.

Color Inspiration

Scarves from Ann Robinson Textiles are inspired by color combinations seen in many different venues. One inspiration came from one of the buildings at the Lama Temple in Beijing. The vibrant reds, dark greens, and yellow accents are woven into a golden brown background. While... Read more »

Natural vs. Synthetic Dyes

I frequently get questions about the type of dyes I use. Many assume that natural dyes are the best for the environment – and since I work with only natural fibers, the assumption is that I use only natural dyes. Actually you cannot assume that... Read more »

Tencel and Bamboo: Natural Fibers or Not?

Rayon, viscose (another name for rayon), tencel, and bamboo are among the more well-known fibers made from cellulose. Cellulose is the primary component of the cell walls in plants, including wood, cotton, and hemp. Rayon has long been considered a semi-synthetic fiber. It is made... Read more »

Hand-dyed Yarns

When I did my first dye project back in the last century, I decided that it was just too messy to do on my own. I was taking a class to learn the whole process: card the wool (I did not sheer the sheep), spin... Read more »

Tencel Tape

Several years ago I was introduced to tencel tape at a conference where one presenter was illustrating how to design a mixed warp. She used tencel tape among the variety of novelty yarns in her warp. While I work a lot in 8/2 and 10/2... Read more »