Ann Robinson Textiles | Hand-dyed Yarns
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Hand-dyed Yarns

When I did my first dye project back in the last century, I decided that it was just too messy to do on my own. I was taking a class to learn the whole process: card the wool (I did not sheer the sheep), spin it, dye it, and then weave it. The dyeing part consisted of a pot of water boiling on an outside gas burner, mixing the dye with a long stick, and then plopping the wool into the pot and stirring. Soon after I got the wool hung up to dry, the neighborhood kitty cat passed under and ended up with a huge splotch of purple on her back. Never again – this just wasn’t for me.

Later I did learn how to dye in small batches using foam brushes and small amounts of pigment mixed in jars. Thank goodness! because it’s so much fun! I’ve experimented with different fibers and numerous color combinations, which is why I can fulfill custom orders. Look through my website to see if a particular combination appeals to you and then contact me to discuss your preferences.

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