Ann Robinson Textiles | Teaching
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“Ann is a true teacher in every sense of the word. She is thorough in her instruction and generous with her time even after the lessons are completed. She had me weaving my first project in 10 to 12 hours!” JAN S | SACRAMENTO, CA

“My goal is to teach the art of weaving to as many people as possible in the Sacramento area. And if I lived somewhere else, my goal would be to teach as many people as possible there as well.

Weaving teaches us much more than how to make cloth. Learning to weave provides focus and discipline and allows us to practice patience and endurance. These skills, I believe, are necessary to maintain one’s sanity in this chaotic world – a world of constant noise, information overload, and a lot of bad news.”

– Ann Robinson


Ann Robinson is originally from Berkeley, CA. She began weaving in 1999 while living in San Antonio, TX. There she studied with Robert Hils, a master weaver at the Southwest School of Art and Craft . Ann returned to Northern California in 2006 and has continued to study weaving and dyeing on her own.


  • if you have a loom that your great aunt left you but you have never woven,
  • if you find a loom in an attic and don’t know what to do with it,
  • if you find a loom at a garage sale and would like to give it a whirl,
  • if you don’t have a loom but would still like to try weaving,
  • if you are interested in any aspect of weaving.